Finger Vein Secure Access Control System (Finger vein reader)
Model: FV-530C
Type: Biometric

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About Finger Vein Secure Access Control System (Finger vein reader):






Effective reading range for EM is 10~16 cm. For Mifare is 3~5 cm.

Programmable door closing delay time. Adjustable from 0 to 255 seconds. Alarm will be triggered after set delay time.

Capable to read EM cards, PC-1180, PC-1076 and KT-2500. Mifare 1 S50 is optional.

RS232, RS485 and RS422 interface. TCP/IP is optional.

Built-in RTC.

Built-in watch dog.

Reader ID is settable with keypad.

Built-in tamper switch and alarm.

130,000 history capacity. 50,000 card capacity while standalone.

12,000 finger vein template capacity. It says 6,000 people capable when using 2 templates per person

Available for contacting detector.

Compatible with push button and readers (EX: PR-200 and PR-400) for IN and OUT access control.

Both English and Chinese LCM.

Operation modes: card + pin code , card only, card or keying in card number and pin code, facility code only, prohibited mode, open mode. For the first 3 modes, finger vein recognition is optional.

3 programmable time zones per day.

With 5 RS232 contacts and 3 RS485 contacts. Available to connect printer.

With 1 Wiegand output and 2 Wiegand input.

ISP available.

ARM Cortex-M4 32 bit MCU. Computing speed is 84 MHz.

48M bit flash memory.

1:1 and 1:N finger vein recognition.

1:1 recognition less than 1 second. 1:2000 recognition less than 2 seconds.

FAR less than 0.0000007%

FRR less than 0.01%

Failure to enrollment rate: less than 0.03%






Reading range Mifare  3cm ~ 5cm,EM  10cm ~ 16cm
Display 128 x 64Dot (Blue Backlight LCD)
Keypad 4 x 4 16 Keys Touch Keypad (Blue Backlight LED)
Output Wiegand*1
Input Wiegand*2
Relay 4 relays contact (Max. DC 12V 1Amp)
Interface RS232/ RS485/ RS422/ TCP/IP
Power Requirement DC 12V 1A
Working Environment Humidity: 20~90% RH Temperature: 0~50℃
Dimension 143(L) x166(W) x86(H)mm

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