Auto Card Vending and Add-Value Machine/Value-Deduction Machine


Product specifications

l  It uses the Mifare card which is identical to that used by the EasyCard. The Mifare card uses a special algorithm with high security.

l  Up to 10,000 cards can be stored.

l  Up to 8,000 pieces of sensing data or anomaly data can be stored.

l  A real-time clock IC (with the perpetual calendar) is built in to display the year, month, date, and time.

l  Operating mode: A card is inserted to check the balance. Press the external button to deduct points

l  It can operate standalone or is connected to the PC for management and setup purpose. Up to 255 units can be connected externally.

l  It has a detection circuit contact that can be connected to a detector to prevent intrusion.

l  The casing is designed with a tampering-resistant contact. The alarm contact is triggered when it is damaged by outside force.

l  It features Watchdog to ensure correct functioning of the card reader.

l  When the PC crashes or the network is disconnected, the card reader can operate standalone.

l  The records are specially designed and will not disappear even in case of power outage.

l  When a card is inserted, only the balance is shows. Press the OK button (the amount is adjustable), and its shows “Balance? dollars. Please add value!” The beep sounds comes shortly and continuously. They continuously sound off until the card is removed. At the time, press the “OK” button to continuously operate the dryer. It will operate until the card amount becomes zero. When the balance is sufficient for the washing machine, press the OK button and nothing will happen.

l  You can set the deduction unit. You can select “Deduct” using the external keyboard. Press once to deduct ten dollars (the amount is adjustable).

l  You can set the upper limit of the Card Add-Value machine. The machine will not operation if this limit is exceeded.

l  You can set the relay activation time, activation times, and interval. It can substitute any coin-operated device.

l  You can set the dealer code and region on the Card Add-Value machine. You can also set the interoperability of the different cards in different regions.

l  The remote billing software can issue a command to send the activation signal.

l  The amount deducted of each card be recorded and received by the software.

l  After a card is inserted, it can show the prompts, such as “Press the button to add,” “Points per purchase,” and “card number.”

l  You can set the add-value limit. If this limit is exceeded, IS-75CD will not function.


Functions of Auto Card Vending and Add-Value Machine

l  It can be set to recognize the current banknotes in more than 80 countries (using the software).

l  The Mifare card can be built in. The card is 0.76mm thick (300 pcs); The whole magnetic card is 0.27mm thick (800 pcs).

l  The painted metal box can withstand rust, and is robust, tampering resistant, as well as very secure.

l  The internal cash box is locked. It can be removed without a key.

l  When cards are sold out, the display will show a prompt and deny bills.

l  The cash box can accommodate 800 banknotes.

l  There are two records of accumulated amount for the administrator to check.

l  The initial time of these two records will be logged or zeroed.

l  The body is built with a keyboard that can be used by the administrator to set a banknote currency (up to 8 currencies).

l  The built-in banknote validator has the anti-phishing capability.

l  The add-value ratio can be adjusted separately for flexible promotions.

l  The card balance can be checked.

l  The add-value limit can be set.

l  The amount added of each card be recorded and received by the software.

l  It features a RS-485 port.



I. Machine installation case (Automatic Laundry)


II. Card usage overview